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egosumgrumio's Journal

Ego Sum Grumio!
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This is a Community for South High Latin students, mainly the latin three kids trying to learn this stuff on our own.

remember guys:
First is a
Second is o
Third is e (with no long mark)
Fourth is u
Fifth is e (but this one has a long mark!)

ablative of means, accusative, caecilius, cambridge classics project, celer, cena romana, cerberus, clemens, dative, decens, decimus, defenestration, derivatives, felix, ferting, grumio, hermogenes, ibus words, latin, ludi romani, melissa, metella, pompeii, poppaea, puncta, quintus, remus, rome, romulus, saturnalia, senes, syphax, the declension song, three'sies, tuli???, zmoose